Sunday, January 3, 2016

Should've Been the Beginning!

We have been the "Bohlers" for many many years now.  We started our little family back in 2005 when Jason got back from Iraq.  Since then we have been going strong with new jobs and moving towns (Monticello to Crossett and now to Sheridan).  We have been on many adventures, and I wish I would have documented them with blogging!  It would've been neat to go back and look at all we have experienced and accomplished through our TEN years together as a FAMILY!!  From this point forward we are going to "journal" our experiences on the next many, many years together!  Although I am starting the blog in 2016, I am going to back track to our trip to Garvan Gardens and Christmas 2015!  Our lives may not seem exciting to some, but we have lots going on with cooking (mostly Jason-but I do like to bake!), traveling, ball fields (mostly Dylan), friends, family, music (mostly Jason), and well anything we can get our hands into.  This year we are going to be focusing on TWO main goals...Sending Dylan to College (Henderson State) and Getting Jason a JOB!!  So, here we go...

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