Monday, January 4, 2016

Garvan Gardens

We visited Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs on Sunday, December 21st.  I thought it would be a great idea to buy the tickets ahead of time, so we wouldn't have to wait in line!  Well, that would have been a wonderful idea if I had read the directions completely before purchasing the tickets.  We were at Olive Garden when I purchased the tickets, but I forgot to read the part about printing them to bring to the gardens.  Asked the luck there, so here we go to a Fedex printing place to print our tickets for a whole $.46!!  The lights were pretty neat, but this is the first year we have not gone to Mr. Finney's Lights in Crossett, and he won the Great Light Fight. I've included the link to Garvan Gardens below.  We have been there before in the Spring with just the girls, and we are making plans as a family to return in the Spring.  
We spent the next couple of days watching the Star Wars movies, so we could go see the new Star Wars movie...#7!!

The Bohler Family

Bohler Kids

Jason and Lindsey

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